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Dear Parents and Guardians,


In an effort to assist in the monumental mission of protecting children from abuse, we are partnering with you to provide all Faith Formation families with the resources and support in equipping our children with the tools to protect themselves. While it is our paramount duty to protect children, we must also teach them about their safety rights and boundaries.


To meet the goals of the mission this year, we will be providing families with age appropriate resources that are designed to teach your children to know their rights, recognize their boundaries, and empower them to protect themselves when safe adults are not immediately available.


As the primary educators of your children, parents and guardians are invited on this journey of protecting our children. Please complete this form to indicate if you wish to participate and receive the resources to help you provide the safe environment education at home. You also have the ability to opt-out of the formal safety lesson and resources if you plan to provide a safe environment education to your child(ren) that fits your family's needs and values. 

Thank you for your partnership with us to protect our youth.

The Faith Formation Team

Please select your position in participating in the child safe environment initiative.
If you selected yes, please check off the grades of your children who participate in the Faith Formation Program.
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